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About Anhui Agricultural University

Anhui Agricultural University locates in Hefei, a famous historic city known as the hometown of Bao Zheng (the distinguished justice in the Song Dynasty) and noted as a base of scientific research and higher education of China. Anhui Agricultural University, the only agricultural university of the province, is a historic and comprehensive university with a broad social impact.

The university dates back to the Provincial Anhui University founded in Anqing in 1928, whose predecessor, the College of Agronomy, attached to the university, was founded in 1935. It became independent from the Provincial Anhui University and was renamed Anhui Agricultural College after moving to Hefei in 1954. In 1995, Anhui Agricultural College was renamed Anhui Agricultural University. The university covers an area of 201 hectares with a total building space of 770,000 square meters. And the total value of instruments for teaching and scientific research adds up to 258 million Yuan.

The university consists of 18 schools. Currently, there are 2,0920 full-time students, with 2,608 graduate students pursuing master’s and PhD degrees included. The University employs 1,680 faculty and staff members, of whom professor, associate professor, a total of 619 people, and over 400 are PhD and master supervisors. Five of them were awarded as the National Model Teachers or the National Excellence Teachers. One of the courses offered in the University has been named as National Excellence Course. Additionally four distinguished professors have been hired for the Wanjiang-Scholars-Award Program and three chair professor posts have been set up.

The university offers 77 undergraduate programs, including 5 national special majors and 2 National Excellence Course. At present there are 1 national (under cultivation) key discipline, 17 provincial/ministerial key disciplines, and 5 postdoctoral research stations. The University is also authorized to grant doctorates in 5 level-A disciplines and 32 level-B disciplines, and offers 71 master’s degrees programs.

The existing 1 State Key Laboratory breeding base, 25 provincial and ministerial key laboratories and Engineering Technology Research Center, 2 provincial "2011 Collaborative Innovation Center", 1 provincial-level humanities and social science research base of Ministry of education, 1 "development plan" Changjiang Scholars and innovative research team innovation teams, 9 provincial level innovation teams, 6 state modern agricultural industry technology system of post scientists. In recent five years, the school hosted the national science and technology support program, "973", "863", "948" program, the National Natural Science Foundation, national achievement transformation funds such as national project 260 multinomial. Provincial and ministerial level achievement award 80 items, the provincial science and technology progress prize two (NATURAL) above 20.

The university takes great initiatives in her international exchanges and cooperations and has set up close relations with the academic institutions from over 30 countries and regions. In 2011, the school China association approved as "Anhui Haizhi agriculture base" and the Ministry of education "to accept Chinese Government Scholarship students and colleges"; in 2012 to become the Ministry of agriculture "language of South South cooperation" training project of fixed-point units.

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